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She ran for all she was worth. She ran to that meadow of her nightmares. Someone had been right behind her, chasing her. She told Salina about that meadow. She confided in her about waking up in a sweat; fear making her heart beat erratically. Salina knew that she was afraid. Salina owned the land on which the meadow sat. Could she? Could Salina really have been the one to do this? Was Salina the one that attacked her and left her for dead in the forest? Did Salina do something to Frankie? Is that why no one could find her? What about Ben? Did Ben just leave or did Salina have something to do with that too?

Had Salina been worried that Lynne would leave and go back to her father? She had, after all, admitted to Salina that she missed her father and had wanted to call him. Did Salina think that if she couldn’t have her that her father didn’t deserve to have her either?

Frankie had been in an argument with Salina the day before she disappeared. Frankie had expressed a desire to meet other people. Salina didn’t want her to. Why? Why didn’t Salina want them to make friends? She herself made a friend in Brandon and Salina hadn’t objected. Was it because she didn’t want to shed unnecessary suspicion on herself, since she had already tried to harm Lynne, and didn’t want to draw skepticism on herself by objecting to Brandon being a friend? What about Ben? Ben was just as upset as Paul was when Lynne disappeared and Salina didn’t show too much worry. Did Ben become suspicious, look around and find something out about Salina he shouldn’t have? Is that why Ben was gone now too?

All of these questions ran through Lynne’s mind. It made her more scared by the minute. Paul was just as upset, if not more, and mad at Salina for not doing anything when Lynne had been missing. Paul told her the entire story.

What if Paul was next? What if it was her again? Lynne started to break out into a sweat.

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