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Salina reached the mall and parked in front of Macy’s. She always used the entrance at the side as it had less foot traffic. As it was not a main entrance, few people used it. As she walked up to the entrance, a woman walked towards her.

“Getting a gift for Nikki?”

At this, Salina gave a start when she looked and saw that it was Janice.


“Yes. Did you think I left town or something?”

“No. You just surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“It’s a free world. I’m doing some Christmas shopping. Tell me what you think. Do you think Nikki would like new clothes for Christmas or shall I get her…”

Salina cut her off. “I really don’t know, Janice. I have to get going.”

“You are such a bitch! Because of you Fredric broke it off with me. Because of you Nikki doesn’t like me.”

Janice started walking closer to Salina. That was when Salina saw it; a gun. Janice had a gun held in her hand down at her side.

“Janice. What are you doing?”

“Doing? Nothing yet, honey. But soon, soon you will pay for what you’ve done.”

“Done? I haven’t done anything. You’re acting crazy, Janice.”

“Don’t ever call me crazy!” Janice screamed. “You are the one responsible for Nikki hating me! You took all of her time and I couldn’t spend any with her. And because Nikki didn’t like me, Fredric tossed me aside like yesterday’s news. And that’s what you’re going to be, yesterday’s news.”

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